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JSC “Vilniaus margarino gamykla” produces only high quality and healthy modern food products. From the very beginning of the establishment of the Company we had planned everything carefully. The production line is designed to meet the intended strategy. If necessary, the line can be adjusted and rearranged. This ensures the flexibility  of the production. 
Particular attention is paid to the food safety of Company‘s manufactured products. One of the most important priorities  healthy and high-quality oil, because the quality of margarine depends on its quality. Oil is the most important raw material for our products. We do not use oils, containing trans isomers, cooperate only with reliable and verified suppliers, and test incoming oils by tasting them and conducting research in the laboratory.
Margarine production has a lot of strict hygiene and technology requirements. To ensure the quality of products we have introduced an integrated food safety and quality management system. In 2002, the Company has implemented the system of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) that ensures safety of the food products from the very first step – purchasing of raw materials – until their final delivery to store shelves. Widely recognized HACCP system identifies, evaluates and controls hazards associated with food safety. The highest hygiene and quality requirements applies to all processes: production, storage, transportation, equipment maintenance, hygienic working environment for staff, and workers‘ qualification training. The final tests of margarine quality are carried out prior to sending products to customers and consumers. Products are tested in accredited Lithuanian laboratories.
We are proud to say that in 2006, the Company has been awarded with BRC (British Retail Consortium) International Certificate, which proves that the Company controls all processes successfully and meets the highest food safety and quality standards. Without this Certificate, food manufacturers cannot supply the products for almost none of the European Union's major trade networks.
When creating products we try to combine the taste, nutrition and wholesomeness. We do not produce margarine from hydrogenated fats that have trans fatty acids. We use canola oil, which contains a lot of useful monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Fats are necessary for a complete human diet, but they should be used sparingly. Vegetable oil has no cholesterol, and is rich with irreplaceable polyunsaturated Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. In addition, our margarine is added with vitamins A, D and E, only soluble in fat. We produce margarine from 25 to 80 percent in fat. Therefore, each consumer can choose the most suitable product for them, to properly balance their diet. We constantly improve our margarine products by listening to users' expectations and installing the most advanced technologies.

JSC Vilniaus margarino gamykla
Zietelos str. 3, LT-03160
Vilnius, Lithuania


Mob. ph.: +370 5 233 3161
Fax: +370 5 239 5122


Registration No. 1081038
V.A.T. No. LT108103811

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